Do Ppossums Eat Peanuts?

Possums may be known for their cute and cuddly appearance, but don’t let that fool you – these marsupials are also surprisingly picky eaters. While they are commonly associated with a diet of fruits and insects, there is one food that possums just can’t resist: peanuts. That’s right, these furry creatures have a love for nuts too. But before you start leaving out some peanuts to attract them, there are a few things you should know.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating eating habits of possums and uncover why they have a special affinity for those crunchy little legumes. From their unique digestive system to their unexpected taste preferences, there’s more to possums and peanuts than meets the eye. So let’s explore this topic together:

  • As omnivores, possums have a diverse diet that includes both plants and animals.
  • They are not picky eaters and will consume fruits, insects, small mammals, and even carrion.
  • Despite their varied palate, peanuts hold a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of possums.
  • This love for peanuts has caused some farmers to view possums as pests.
  • However, we’ll also discuss ways to peacefully coexist with these nut-loving critters. So grab a handful of peanuts (for yourself or the possums) and let’s dive into this intriguing topic.

What Do Possums Eat?

Peanuts have a minor role in the diet of possums, usually serving as a source of protein and fat when their usual food sources are scarce.

While they may indulge in peanuts in urban areas where they have adapted to coexist with humans, it is not a staple in their daily meals. However, consuming peanuts can potentially alter the behavior of possums as it may increase their tendency to search for human-provided food sources instead of their natural ones.

Furthermore, peanuts can be harmful to possums if they are contaminated with aflatoxin, a dangerous toxin produced by certain types of fungi.

What Is a Possum’s Favorite Food?

Possums have a diverse and opportunistic diet, meaning they will consume whatever food is available. Their preferred meals include insects, fruits, veggies, and small creatures like rodents and birds. Peanuts are not particularly favored by possums, but they will snack on them if they stumble upon them during their scavenging excursions.

Studies show that possums are more likely to indulge in peanuts when they are plentiful in their surroundings and other food sources are scarce. However, peanuts should not be a regular part of a possum’s diet as they can cause behavioral changes and potential harm due to the presence of aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin is a toxic substance produced by fungi that can contaminate peanuts and pose a threat to possums’ health. Ingestion of aflatoxin can lead to liver damage, immune system suppression, and even death in extreme cases.

Therefore, while peanuts may be a tempting treat for possums, it is best to avoid feeding them peanuts regularly. Instead, providing them with a diverse range of foods such as insects, fruits, vegetables, and small animals is more beneficial for their overall health.

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In conclusion, possums typically have a preference for a wide variety of plants and animals.

Is it Safe to Feed Possums?

While it is true that possums have a fondness for peanuts, it is not advisable to make it a regular part of their diet. Peanuts should only be given occasionally, in small portions, and it is vital to keep track of their overall diet to ensure proper nutrition. Before deciding to feed them peanuts, it is important to also consider the potential risks and effects on their natural behavior.

Benefits of Feeding Peanuts to Possums Drawbacks of Feeding Peanuts to Possums Important Factors to Consider
– As a rare treat, possums may relish the taste of peanuts. – The high fat content in peanuts can lead to health problems for possums. – Limit the amount of peanuts given and ensure they have a well-balanced diet.
– Feeding peanuts to possums can provide entertainment for observers. – Peanuts can attract other pests such as rats and mice, which can harm the possums or cause damage to property. – Only feed possums in designated areas and clean up any remaining food promptly.
– There is a risk of choking or blockages in the possums’ digestive system from consuming peanuts. – While possums have strong jaws and teeth that can easily break down peanuts, it is best to feed them in moderation to avoid potential hazards.
– Feeding wild animals can make them reliant on human-provided food sources and lose their ability to forage for natural foods. – Offer peanuts as an occasional treat and do not rely on them as the main source of food for possums.
– Feeding peanuts may cause possums to neglect their natural food sources and disrupt the balance of their ecosystem. – Monitor their overall diet and consider the impact on their natural behavior before deciding to feed them peanuts.


In conclusion, while possums may have a fondness for peanuts, it is important to recognize that it is not their go-to or primary source of sustenance.

As omnivores, possums have a diverse palate that includes fruits, insects, and small animals. While peanuts can offer some benefits as an occasional indulgence, such as entertainment and protein intake, there are also potential drawbacks to consider.

These include attracting other pests and disrupting the delicate balance of their ecosystem. Feeding possums peanuts on a regular basis can also lead to health complications due to the high fat content and pose a risk of choking or blockages in their digestive system.

Therefore, it is best to limit peanuts in their diet and instead provide them with a well-rounded variety of foods.